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******* Planes our Pilots are flying ********
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Due to economic conditions, Virtual Cockpits is no longer in production!

When we hear from Kregg, we will let you know!
rc pilot bustsee Bob and the Wright RC Virtual Cockpit kit in the YAK 54 rc pilot bust

More examples of how our pilots are used with the Virtual Cockpit kit:
BobinWrightcockpitkit_small.jpg Cockpit_small.jpg TimBurgess_KatanaS_small.jpg

BobinVirtualCockpit.jpg Rick Whitley Rick Whitley

QQYAK 102QQYAK.jpg Whitley Project

BobPitts_small.jpg Wright RC Cockpit_small.jpg BluJonyakextrm1_small.jpg BluJonyakextrm2_small.jpg bluebobpittsm13_small.jpg blujon_small.jpg
fl18563b_small.jpg pitts12aa_small.jpg pitts12abobblu_small.jpg redbob_small.jpg redbobqq102yak54_small.jpg redtony_small.jpg redtony30yak_small.jpg
babette_small.jpg babette_front_small.jpg cockpitview_small.jpg

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r/c pilots

r/c pilots
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