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Custom Vinyl Graphics by Litepilots.com
another success story

Corsair F4U-1 100" Wingspan
Miss Penny

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r/c pilots
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Corsair First Landing_small.jpg

Corsair First Flight 001_small.jpg Corsair First Flight 002_small.jpg Corsair First Flight 003_small.jpg Corsair First Flight 004_small.jpg Corsair First Flight 005_small.jpg

Litepilots.com now offers an easy & inexpensive way
to get a pro finish without the waste or hassle


Custom Design or yours!
You choose the text, height & typestyle as well as color and more!

We will provide your choices on adhesive-backed Premium Vinyl
that is crisply cut, pre-spaced & aligned on a single application strip
ready to apply!

email us for prices & more info

Watch this page for more information on selection,ordering & pricing

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R/C Pilots

r/c pilots

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